I am Priidik "Freddy" Vilumaa, an independent operations researcher, supply chain consultant and software developer interested in improving businesses through optimization methods. I am confident in programming (Java, Python, JS, SQL), data analysis, mathematical optimization, and got plenty of domain knowledge in supply chains (CV).

I recently graduated from Technical University of Munich after having finished a long internship in the Physical Internet Center at Georgia Tech. In Atlanta, my work focused on solving real-world logistics problems by applying new concepts and advanced analytics. I consider myself fortunate since I could work with very smart people on world's most interesting problems.

I am accepting small scale projects through my EU based consultancy. Potential fields range from supply chains to analytics to web applications. In case of need I can cooperate with various friends to enhance competency in web design, development, graphic design or machine learning. Alternatively, I might be able to recommend someone as I've got many contacts both in Europe and in the United States. So feel free to email me and ask my advice.

Although this is not my main focus, I also like developing web applications. I would like this site to be an online portfolio that showcases the algorithms I create and their applications in the real world. This is my small contribution towards promoting optimization and making the world a more efficient place. Also, if you happen to find bugs on this webpage then please let me know.

Contact: vilumaa [at] gmail.com |

Recent updates

September 30 - I joined yet another optimization competition
June 30 - I released a video of 3PL style fleet and its routing here
Mar 5 - I uploaded the first working examples on the Optimizer page
Feb 26 - I received my diploma and am now officially graduated from TUM
Dec 7 - Atlanta Estonian Cultural Society celebrated Christmas according to our traditions
Dec 6 - We joined a Kaggle optimization competition
Dec 2 - The first ♠Spades bot strategies are working
Nov 19 - We started building an AI to play ♠Spades
Nov 15 - I handed in my Master's thesis
Aug 26 - Extended my stay in Georgia Tech for another 4 months
Aug 24 - Commemoration of 30 years of "The Baltic Way" in Atlanta, the historic event that took place in 1989 in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, when 2 million people formed a 600 miles human chain, in a drive to gain independence from the USSR.
May 15 - Started writing my thesis on route selection and containerization decisions in the Physical Internet