I am Priidik "Freddy" Vilumaa, a supply chain student in Technical University of Munich. Currently, I am based in Atlanta, where I'm interning and writing my Master's thesis in the Physical Internet Center at Georgia Tech. My work focuses on solving real-world logistics problems by applying new concepts and advanced analytics. I consider myself fortunate since I can work with very smart people on world's most interesting problems.

I position myself at the interface of operations research, logistics and software development. I am skilled in Python, dealing with large datasets, optimization modeling, (meta)heuristics and got plenty of domain knowledge in supply chains (CV). I have completed a couple of internships and participated in multiple industry and research projects.

I am accepting small scale projects through my EU based consultancy. Potential fields range from supply chains to analytics to web applications. In case of need I can cooperate with various friends to enhance competency in web design, development, graphic design or machine learning. Or I might be able to recommend someone as I've got many contacts both in Europe and the United States.

Although this is not my main focus, I also like developing web applications. I would like this site to be an online portfolio that showcases the algorithms I create and their applications in the real world. This is my small contribution towards promoting optimization and making the world a more efficient place. Also, if you happen to find bugs on this webpage then please let me know.

Contact: vilumaa [at] gmail.com

Recent updates

Dec 7 - Atlanta Estonian Cultural Society celebrated Christmas Estonian style
Dec 6 - We joined a Kaggle optimization competition
Dec 2 - The first ♠Spades bot strategies are working
Nov 19 - We started building an AI to play ♠Spades
Nov 15 - I handed in my Master's thesis
Aug 26 - Extended my stay in Georgia Tech for another 4 months
Aug 24 - Commemoration of 30 years of "The Baltic Way" in Atlanta, the historic event that took place in 1989 in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, when 2 million people formed a 600 miles human chain, in a drive to gain independence from the USSR.
May 15 - Started writing my thesis on route selection and containerization decisions in the Physical Internet